For this lesson, you will be working with the critical math areas for grade 8 . These are: formulating and reasoning with expressions and equations, exploring functions and their role in different representations, and analyzing 2 and 3 dimension figures. On Day 1, you will work as a whole group on using a problem solving organizer to break down and answer a word problem. Then each day will focus on a critical area task to develop your mathematical thinking and strategies. This week's activities are meant to serve as a review of 8th grade/Math 1 topics through problem solving tasks.

For Day4/5 task cards, teacher will need to print out task cards and have groups of students answer different cards. You can print multiple copies of each problem, and groups should answer at least 1 question for each day. Have them illustrate a solution to the problem task card before assigning the next problem. This process should go over both days. See resources at the bottom for additional teacher support documents for these task cards.

Day 1: Introduction of Tasks with graphic organizer*

Day 2: Task 2 with rubric

Day 3: DEAR

Day 4/5: Task cards

Additional Resources (if needed):

Effective Group Work during Math problem solving
The Big Brain: A Cooperative Learning Protocol
The Big Brain: A Cooperative Learning Protocol

How to Critique Others (not a math example, but useful in understanding how to give effective feedback)

Extra Resources: